Attitude Is Everything


Attitude is one of the most discussed topics of today’s era. It is one of the most essential which a person or creature should possess to be successful in life. We will learn the 5 Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Attitudes. This blog will be useful for people who want to develop a positive attitude. Professionals, Entrepreneur, Freelancer, Students and Housewives can improve their attitude after reading this. Let’s start with the question, what is attitude and why successful people say attitude is everything?

We may find many definitions of attitude online, but I would like to state a very simple and short definition of attitude. Attitude is a viewpoint to think about something or somebody or we can say that Attitude is a way of thinking or looking at something. This viewpoint could be different for different people and can be similar for some people. For example, your favourite colour could be red but your friend’s favourite colour could be green. Both the colours are good in their place but your friends’ viewpoint is different.   

We often hear that one should have a Positive Attitude but many of us don’t know how our existing attitude is being formed.

If attitude is everything then how does this attitude forms within us?

Everything in this life begins with Thoughts. Thoughts are the first thing that a human brain gets and thereafter other things fall into place.

Our attitude is developed like this:

Thoughts >> Viewpoint >> Attitude >> Actions >> Habits >> Personality >> Destiny 

A person gets around 60000 thoughts in a day.

80% of them are negative.

95%-98% of thoughts are repetitive.

It means only 2%-5% of new thoughts every day.

Now, we can easily understand why we come across most people with a negative attitude because we get maximum negative thoughts every day.

But the question is: Did we born like this mean with a Negative Attitude?

No, we came to this world unaware. When we opened our eyes for the first time in this world, we were not aware of any positivity or negativity. Then how we became what we are today. 

If attitude is everything?

Let’s look at the responsible factors for what our Attitude is today:

  1. Our Family Our first school is our family and we learn a lot from our family. We see our family members doing things and we copy them. Copying others and performing the same copied actions, again and again, enters our subconscious mind and we make our viewpoint basis the memories stored in our subconscious mind in our future.

  1. Learning from an early age As per Science, it is said that the learning capacity stays at an extreme level up to 12 years of age. Most of us would have formed our likes and dislikes by this age. Tastes of our food, our interests and hobbies. Tastes, food, interest and hobbies formed at this age stay with them for a lifetime and never get changed but for some people, they get changed as they grow in life. In the same way, we also form our maximum beliefs and viewpoints by this age and they stay with us lifelong. If we don’t eliminate our opposing viewpoints.  

  1. Your association We become the average of 5 people with whom we spend our maximum time. The formation of our attitude is majorly dependent on our association. If you spend your maximum time with 5 successful people then you will be the 6th one and if you spend your maximum time with 5 unsuccessful people then it’s very difficult for you to become successful while being with them. The road to success can not be walked with unsuccessful people. 

  1. Belief system We all have been raised following many belief systems. Some of them must be logical enough to follow and some of them are just being followed without knowing any logic behind them. If we live in India, a cat crossing your way is considered inauspicious while on the other hand, many people have a cat as their pet who crosses their way thousands of times in a day but nothing inauspicious touches them. Our belief system is also responsible for the attitude we wear today.

  1. Going with our thoughts We know that 80% of our thoughts are negative and we go with our thoughts most of the time. We neither can change our viewpoints easily nor our attitudes but thoughts are the first things that come to our mind.  If we don’t control our thoughts we end up going with our thoughts only. If the thought is negative we end up reaching a negative outcome. Going with all our thoughts is not wise.

  1. Blaming others This is the most dangerous one which does not let our attitude Positive. Many of us blame others or other things for our failure. If we are not fit we blame fast food if we are not able to complete our projects on time we blame our colleagues or boss if we are not able to grow we blame policies. These examples are countless but we very rarely take responsibility we are the reasons for our failure. All successful people have also got similar problems that we face in our day-to-day life but the difference is that successful people take responsibility for their own lives and look for solutions instead of blaming others for their failures. Taking responsibility for our lives is the key to forming a positive attitude.

Now, we know the factors responsible for determining our attitude. This is the time to move forward and understand Why some people still develop a Great Attitude that takes them higher on the ladder of success. For developing a Positive Attitude, we can follow the pointers mentioned below and this could be a great help to build a Positive and Impactful Attitude.

  1. Clarity about what you want to do – No one can possess a positive attitude until one does not know what he wants to achieve in his life. We often hear about a lot of famous and influential personalities like Sachin Tendulkar(Called the God of Cricket in India), Sindhu Tai Sapkal(Called Mother of orphans) and there could be many more on this list but these 2 names are enough for explanation here. 

Many players try their luck in cricket, and some of them get a chance to play for their country then why do only a few become so big? Sachin Tendulkar had a very clear view that he is not only playing cricket while he is representing his country in cricket. His country name will also be marked down if he does not perform better. In the same way, Late Sindhu Tai Sapkal lost all hope to live further and went to attempt suicide but when she saw helpless orphans this led her to decide that she would live not for herself but for the people who are abandoned. This clarity made her a world-famous Social Worker today. 

  1. Not compromising on your Individuality – We all follow many belief systems made by others. For example, going to the office in professional attire, the best use of money is an investment, do what you are confident at. I am not saying that these all points are not good but sometimes we just only follow the systems made by others and forget what we are. This is where we lose our Individuality. If we would ask ourselves who are we? We might get an answer stating the position that we hold today. It could be Manager, Teacher, Housewife, Hotelier, Trainer etc. Is this we? No, it’s our position. Then who are we? It’s time to get back our Individuality.

  2. Realising your strengths – We all are unique and have different qualities but many times in life we tend to compete with others. We try to perform things as better as others are performing and when we don’t match the level of others, we start criticizing ourselves for our failure. Competing with others will never let us reach our true potential.

Let’s understand and this example will illustrate better why attitude is everything:

         Let me ask you a question, Who is the king of the Jungle? You said, Lion. Right? But why? 

Is the lion the fastest animal? No. The cheetah runs faster than the lion.

Is the lion the heaviest animal? No. Elephants are heavier than lions. 

Is the lion the tallest animal? No. Giraffes are taller than lions.

Is the lion the cleverest animal? No. foxes are stronger than lions.

Still, Lion is the king of the jungle. Do you know why? Because he knows his strengths. 

When a lion sees another animal. He sees them from a viewpoint of hunting but when other animals see a lion, they always think of escaping. Because the lion knows his strengths and this is why he rules. 

The day the lion will start competing with other animals that day will be the final day for him as a King of the jungle. 

In the same way, the day we realise our strengths our attitude becomes more positive. 

  1. Change your association – If you are part of an association where negative things are being discussed more so you are feeding your brain negatively and a negative brain can not produce any positive results. If you are surrounded by a group of friends who don’t motivate you to do good in the future, who don’t encourage you to reach your dreams and pull your legs, you should change your association/friend circle immediately. It is also said that if you are the most intelligent person in your group, you should leave your group immediately as you will not learn anything further from your group. Better you spend your time only in your company instead of being with a non-learning or negative group.

  2. Learning new skills – This can certainly help us to focus more on new things and get away from negativity. Learning new skills can help us of all ages and ensure great chances of growth. If you are learning today, it means you are ensuring good earnings in the future. Learning is a never-ending process and we must have heard readers are leaders. But as we know, the era is changing and ways of learning are also changing with it. Reading books, listening to podcasts, reading digital books, watching videos and going to offline classes are good ways to keep ourselves engaged in new learning. 


    You don’t get what you wish for instead you get what you deserve to

    Upgrading your mobile won’t help you much but upgrading your attitude will

    A positive attitude is an asset which is priceless


You have learned about attitude now. You have also seen the responsible factors for our attitudes along with the 5 simplest ways to make the best of attitudes. This reading will help you if you implement the learning else this reading won’t benefit you much. Here is a plan of action, find out the purpose of your life or the clarity of what you want to do. You may take the help of books or online tests to understand yourself better and what you love to do.


MK Mauryavanshi


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