Welcome to MK Mauryavanshi.com

MKMauryavanshi.com is one spot Skills Learning Solution for you and your team. The objective behind the creation of this website is to provide you with the all required ingredients to shine your Skillsets. With 14 years of experience in training for a different set of audiences, MK Mauryavanshi better understands what kind of skills you and your team need to grow in this competitive era. During his career, he trained for brands like Vodafone, ICICI Prudential, Sun DTH, Serco, Meritnation, CRY, Unicef etc.

        MK Mauryavanshi provides skill and sales-based training for individuals and organizations that help to go multilayers up in performance. His training methodology includes instructor-led training, role play, management specific-activities, case studies, group discussion, activities, coaching & mentoring. 

About MK’s Training Expertise:

He has good knowledge and implementation of sales methods like:

  • SPIN
  • CATT
  • Solution and value selling
  • Sales Closing Techniques
Major 5 reasons, why do you need to learn new Skills?
  • Remain valuable & relevant
  • Command a higher salary
  • Keeps you motivated and positive
  • Changes your perspective on the world
  • Enhance your professional network 

Learning new skills and taking regular training can help an individual in many ways and some of them are listed above.

Major 5 reasons, why people refuse to learn new Skills:
  • They think they know enough 
  • Wastage of Time & Money
  • Learning new skills won’t make any difference
  • They don’t want to leave their comfort zone
  • Self-doubt