MK Mauryavanshi’s Vision – 2028

Who is MK Mauryavanshi?

MK Mauryavanshi does not need any introduction as his name itself talks much about him. He is one of the best trainers and coaches in today’s time. He is also a famous blogger and has written 5 best selling books in the last 7 years. He has a huge fan following from all around the world. People learn from him by watching his online videos in more than 190 countries. He has 50 lacs followers on Youtube. 

He lives in PitamPura of Delhi in his recently bought Kothi. He also owns a farmhouse in Ladakh. He works from his corporate office situated in Netaji Subhash Place(Corporate Hub). He drives a brand new Balck BMW car. 

What does MK Mauryavanshi do?

MK Mauryavnashi runs 3 companies and all of these companies are generating an annual revenue of 10 crores collectively. His company primarily deals in training & marketing. He has impacted millions of lives through his training and speeches around the globe.

Contribution to society

He is also known for his contribution to society. He also runs an NGO to help the students whose parents can not afford the expenses of their studies. His NGO is supporting over 10000 students for their studies right now. His NGO always stands by the people in their hard time and tries to do best for society in their own capacity. 

Spreading Happiness
                                                                                        MKM NGO Activity

Health is the biggest asset

MK Mauryavanshi is very much health conscious. He is 42 years of age now but his age is just a number. His age does not seem more than 30 years by looking at his fitness. He loves to work out at home. He is also a strong believer in Ayurveda. He reads books to be in a positive state of mind. He also loves exploring new places & spending time with his friends. 

What MK Mauryavanshi doing presently

He is now aiming to bring the youth ahead in entrepreneurship so that our country can reap our best from our youth.  

He is also producing a movie covering his life journey so that people who are struggling to achieve their dreams can be inspired and put their best to achieve their goals. You can subscribe to his youtube channel and blogpost for transformational learning. 

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